Diana expresses her thanks and appreciation

I thank both Dagamnyama Wara for his help in building the Eco-Shrine and Hilary Graham,
for the vital part he played in the project.

Hilary Graham

Hilary Graham
Hilary Graham guided me in the formative years of my life as an artist with expertise, generosity and flair. He trusted my vision and showed me how to give it form. This gave me confidence. He believed in the idea of an Eco-Shrine from the very beginning and supported the project financially and emotionally, sometimes at cost to himself.
He did not at any stage attempt to influence the design or content or building of the Eco-Shrine, but ensured that I had the tools, materials and access to expertise that I needed. I am therefore deeply grateful to him. When our marriage ended after more than two decades, he transferred the property into my name.

Dagamnyama Wara
"I am Dagamnyama Wara. I’m born in Hogsback 1947, November 7th.

"I’ve learned here in Hogsback School on the Summerton property, now a church. I only passed Std V because the school closed for two years.
I worked here and there in East London, Grahamstown and King William's Town but always back here because my ‘inkaba’ [roots] is here at Hogsback.

"Until I see Diana Graham in 1995. She showed me the plan on a tray. She says she wants me to build this. Work was so scarce. I’m scared to build this, it looks so very difficult. She says to me ‘No, try, we’ll be together.’ We both contracted now.
And then we get on and then I build and I throw the daga from her patterns. She cut on the patterns again behind me. I want to say I’m not scared now for building anything. I’m medium old, not so very old—if you want to see my face just tell Mrs. Graham to arrange it because I am around."

Sadly, Dagamnyama Wara died in 2014.

Dagamnyama Wara