Events at the Eco-Shrine

Performance in the Eco-Shrine

The Eco-Shrine attracts people of all cultures and hosts concerts,
celebrations and meditations. One of my most memorable experiences
so far was a Xhosa dance-drama by the Brighter Future Theatre Company.

Performance in the Eco-Shrine

First Physical Theatre Company from Rhodes
University enacting a dance-drama.

The performances are enhanced by the mountains, forests, clouds, birds and the natural play of light.

Occasionally people get married in the shrine, while others simply pose here for wedding photographs.

Meditations take place here and ashes have been scattered in the gardens surrounding the shrine.

Wedding in the Eco-Shrine

A wedding ceremony.

Function in the Eco-Shrine

Retreats, workshops, gatherings and visitors from near and far are ongoing.

An early morning memorial service in the Eco-Shrine.

Early morning Service in the Eco-Shrine
Group of school students attending ecology workshop

Diana Graham presenting an environmental art workshop to learners from a nearby school.

I teach learners from the many schools in the surrounding rural area. I notice that the Eco-Shrine makes a deep impression on the children.

Some of the younger ones spontaneously decorate it with flowers, while others respond excitedly and ask many questions.

South view of the Eco-Shrine

We discuss Climate Change and concepts of ecological awareness and protection. I point out how even the word 'environment’ gives us the dualistic experience of being separate from the natural world.

We discuss the urgent need for a paradigm shift in our relationship with Earth if we are to avoid eco-catastrophe.

We end with practical steps we can all take to lighten our carbon footprint.


Early morning in the Eco-Shrine