The Eco-Shrine Centre for Art and Ecology
Created by Diana Graham in Hogsback

Diana with Olive

Diana Graham. (Click to enlarge)

I am an artist and I live in a small village in the Amathole Mountains of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

My home is set on the verge of the indigenous forest in a dramatically beautiful landscape. It was exactly the right place to build an outdoor art installation, where ecology, art and a sense of the sanctity of Earth could all come together.

And so I created the Eco-Shrine Centre for Art and Ecology in 1995. Itís been open ever since.

Welcome to the Eco-Shrine

Welcome to the Eco-Shrine (Click to enlarge)

Visitors are immediately struck by the breathtaking landscape and in it, the sight of large oil paintings displayed in sculpted niches joined by a seemingly flowing, low wall of cement relief. The Eco-shrine looks as if it has always been there.

My adjacent studio is open to the public. It has a high thatched ceiling and a feel of long ago.

There are always new paintings on the easels and walls and I also sell good quality prints of my works in poster and card format.

Olive in front of the studio

Olive in front of the studio. (Click to enlarge)

Diana and the Eco-shrine on BeautifulNews

Diana and the Eco-shrine have been featured on BeautifulNews.

See the BeautifulNews page and the video clip here.

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